Neck Pain

Debilitating neck pain could make getting through the day difficult. The neck is a complex structure and one of the most vulnerable to muscle aches and pains. If you have any type of neck pain, your first step is to come in to see our team. Simply, if you have pain in the neck, upper shoulders, or down into your arms or back, this could indicate the need for professional services. Our New Jersey neck doctor can help you to understand what is causing your pain as well as provide you with solutions for overcoming it. We can help you to avoid ongoing pain and limited movement.

Why Does Your Neck Hurt?

Neck pain is not uncommon. It can occur due to simple causes, such as sleeping in a bad position at night. It can be brought on by car accidents or other instances in which your spinal column is jolted forward quickly or violently. It can also occur because of repetitive work, such as what may happen when you are working or playing. In some cases, strain from looking upwards to a computer or monitor can cause it. Some illnesses and diseases can cause neck pain as well. If you have severe pain, are unable to move your neck, or you have any outward signs of injury, such as a wound, do not delay in getting immediate medical help.

It’s important to seek out our neck pain doctor in New Jersey whenever you have this type of pain. Generally, it isn’t likely to go away on its own. However, we offer outstanding services to help you to reduce the pain you have and improve your mobility and quality of life. Our team can help you to get the neck pain relief you need. It only takes a matter of minutes to come in to see us, but it can help to improve your quality of life significantly when you do so.

Neck pain is a common problem and one reason why people visit a doctor.  At Rehabilitation Medicine Center of New Jersey,our staff of spine experts routinely treat patients with neck pain who have suffered an on-the-job or accident-related injury.  Our goal is to (1) reduce your pain, (2) restore your functional abilities and (3) return you to full activity as soon as is reasonable.

Neck pain varies and is described as mild, moderate, or severe.  Characteristics include aching, stabbing, and throbbing.  Pain can travel (radiate) into your upper back, shoulders, and arms.  Your neck may feel stiff and inflamed.  Rotating your neck or simply holding your head upright may provoke pain, muscle spasm, numbness and tingling sensations.  Basically, pain can interrupt everyday activities, and alter your mood and ability to concentrate.

Does my neck pain require immediate medical care?

When neck pain develops suddenly for no apparent reason or after an accident, it is normal to feel upset or frightened.  It is your health, and that is most important!  The list below can help you determine if your neck pain requires urgent care.

  • Neck pain after injury: a fall, car or industrial accident
  • Persistent neck pain that doesn’t stop or worsens.
  • Pain moves into your extremities: arms or legs
  • Balance difficulty
  • Hand clumsiness
  • Extremity numbness, tingling sensations, weakness
  • Neck pain with a fever
  • Bowel or bladder dysfunction

Diagnostic examination

The purpose of a diagnostic examination is to learn about your general health, lifestyle, past medical history, and current neck problem.  The information gathered during your exam is combined with imaging or other test results to confirm your diagnosis.

Questions our Doctors may ask include:

  • When did your neck pain start?
  • Did a particular event precede neck pain?
  • Has your pain improved or worsened?
  • Does neck pain radiate into another part of your body?
  • On a scale of zero (no pain) to 10 (agony), what is your current pain level?
  • Does pain affect your ability to work or perform ordinary activities of daily life?
  • Do pain and symptoms disrupt your sleep?
  • Other questions specifically related to you and your symptoms.

MRI is performed to evaluate your cervical spine.  Sometimes a plain x-ray is ordered.  Depending on the results of your examination and MRI, we may conduct electrodiagnostic studies.

Interventional treatment

Seldom does the cause of neck pain require spine surgery!  At Rehabilitation Medicine Center of New Jersey, our doctors may combine non-operative interventional treatments to resolve neck pain. Interventional means to ‘intervene’ to stop and manage pain while you heal.

Treatments are administered in a step-wise way.  We believe less can be more, and we apply that philosophy to our treatment approach.  For example, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug and passive physical therapy may provide good pain relief without the side effects of a narcotic painkiller.

Neck pain treatments may include: