Ultrasound-guided Joint Injections

Joint pain is increasingly a problem for many people. Whether you are active or inactive, struggling with moderate to severe pain, or just in search of a better option for managing your chronic discomfort, joint injections can help. In some situations, though, patients don’t see the improvement they want and need. While many believe this could be due to limited actual benefits of the injection medications used, it may also be poor placement of the injection. That’s why our doctors use ultrasound-guided joint injections in New Jersey.

Are Your Knees Simply Too Painful?

Knee pain not only hurts but it limits you. Climbing stairs, visiting friends, or even just going to the grocery store becomes too hard to manage. Add to that the complications that it brings, such as living a sedentary lifestyle, can really pull at your heart. But, what can you do? With our ultrasound-guided joint injections, you may see significant improvement in your ability to move again. Even if you’ve had this type of treatment before and it did not seem to work for you, come in to see our knee pain doctors in New Jersey. Our treatment options are highly effective for many people struggling with knee pain.

When Should You Get Advanced Knee Pain Care?

Ultrasound technology isn’t new, but the way we use it allows for us to significantly improve the accuracy of your injections, improving the overall ability for you to see the results you need. If you are facing chronic pain or limited overall movement, joint injections may be able to help you. You’ll also find our treatment options are ideal for all stages of joint pain in the knees – you may be able to see significant improvement in your mobility and overall well-being if you qualify for this injection. Call our New Jersey joint pain professionals to discuss your options.

At Rehabilitation Medicine Center of New York, Dr. Jose Colon, MD uses the most current technologies in pain management, including pain-reducing joint injections. Some doctors use palpation or feel to guide the needle into a joint. Fluoroscopy, which is similar to real-time x-ray is preferred in certain types of injection therapies and is more accurate than the palpation method. Ultrasound-guided joint injections give Dr. Colon precise needle guidance but without the x-ray exposure using fluoroscopy.

About ultrasound

Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to view a particular part of your body’s anatomy in real-time. A transducer is a rounded, smooth device that is moved over the body part. As the transducer is moved, it emits sound waves that bounce off hard and soft tissue creating images.

Ultrasound-guided imaging helps Dr. Colon to more precisely direct the needle into the ideal place for joint injections. Ultrasound can be used for needle guidance into shoulder and knee joints, wrists, and hands.

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